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Hayo Volker Hasenfus
Phone: +49 (1525) 3878078


With this site I offer information about himself, my qualifications and abilities to attract respectable business contacts via the internet on a private basis.


The layout of the homepage, the graphics, pictures and contributions are copyrighted by local and international law. Any usage beside the download via the internet for gathering information about Hayo Hasenfus in the context of evaluating him for potential business and/or employment offers is prohibited. The provided information must not be manipulated in any way.


All rights on trademarks are property of their owners.


It is my honest intention to keep this site up to date and correct. Some errors might still exist.

I cannot be made responsible for any damages which may occur by loading this site or using the presented information and data.

I cannot be made liable for accessibility and/or quality of access.

I cannot influence the content of sites and pages other than the ones on or Therefore I neither can be made liable for linked or referenced content, nor the quality of information or data there.

Data Protection

Access information of this site is logged. This is limited to current standards (so called server logs). Personalized data is not kept.

On certain pages users have the option to enter personal data (names, addresses etc.). Doing so is voluntary. The information provided will not be forwarded to third parties.

Hayo V. Hasenfus

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